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I'm excited to share dance and fitness tips and ideas with you. Request my friendship and we can connect!

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Hello, My name is Patty Rose ( Female ). I'm from United States. Presently I reside in New York City, United States.
My present occupation: Professional Dance and Fitness Instructor from Owner: Meaningful Movement
My name is Patty Rose. I am a dance fitness instructor with a passion for life. I love helping people reach their goals, find solutions to wellness and feel motivated to move! I love to motivate and support people to live healthy and happy lifestyles. Sometimes, all it takes is a "buddy" - someone to help you get through that moment of discouragement - to move forward! I love to mix that with my genuine passion for dance and free movement. Get moving with someone and you can sculpt your body, release your mind and set your heart free! Now, mix in a beach, water or a boat and then, I'm in heaven!

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Dance & Fitness   Health & Nutrition   Exercise & Fitness   Real Estate   American Law   

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Email : pattyrose@wisdeo.com
Personal Web / Blog : www.DanceMeetsFitness.com
City : New York City
Country : United States
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Marital Status : Married
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