Wisdeo.com Officially Launch on February 22 2010

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Press Release

15 February 2010


Wisdeo.com (“wisdom through video”), the first of its kind comprehensive video encyclopedia and universal networking website, will launch on Monday, February 22, 2010.


At its core, Wisdeo.com will provide 2-4 minute informative, entertaining videos delivered in “plain English” by a growing team of internationally renowned experts. Topics immediately available will include the latest in health & nutrition, cooking, semiconductor technology, exercise & fitness, American law and real estate with many more topics, like medicine & health, industrial automation, dance, stamp collecting, investment & personal finance, insurance, banking & corporate finance, and travel planning available in the coming months.


As a social and business networking platform, Wisdeo.com will allow direct viewer to viewer, viewer to expert and viewer to product and service provider connections. For individuals, this will mean one-stop networking. For businesses, these features, only available on Wisdeo.com, will allow product and service providers to connect with potential customers as efficiently as possible using unique, highly targeted advertising, marketing and product placement tools.


Businesses will also be able to purchase advertising more cost effectively than ever before using Wisdeo’s innovative “Success Dollars”, advertising tokens priced according to the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Success Dollars will allow businesses to afford highly effective advertising no matter the current state of the economy. For more detailed information, please click http://www.visdeo.com/success_dollars


We now invite you to explore an interactive world of learning and sharing that’s all your own.


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding Wisdeo.com.


Thank you,


Charles Yeo,



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