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24 Apr


Five Principles of life - Part 4 of 5

By lindamallard, Category: | Exercise & Fitness 0 comment


The 5 principles of life - breath, water, nutrition, exercise, life balance.


Part 4 of 5, is about EXERCISE.  The brutal truth is that we can’t store fitness.   Our bodies are built to move, and when we don’t it rewards us with heart disease, osteoporosis, low energy, poor sex drive, poor mood or depression.  Our body only does what we ask of it and what we give it.  Those aches and pains?  The fatigue?  All signs that your body wants and needs to move. 


All you need to do is google “benefits of exercise” and you will find a thousand reasons why you must move.  Exercise will:

  • increase your energy
  • keep your ticker, well ticking!
  • decrease blood pressure...
24 Apr


Five Principles of life - Part 3 of 5

By lindamallard, Category: | Exercise & Fitness 0 comment


Today is part 3 of the 5 principles of life - breath, water, nutrition, movement and life balance.

Each principle must precede the other for true health.  Without breath, there is no life, but in part 1 we...

24 Apr


Five Principles of life - Part 2 of 5

By lindamallard, Category: | Exercise & Fitness 0 comment


The 5 principles of life are: breath, water, nutrition, movement and life balance or stress management.  This week, we discuss water.


Ah, water, the elixir of life.  Think of yourself as  water balloon.  Everything about us involves water.  Our blood is 90% water, brains 70% water.  Every function in our body requires water.  If we don’t have enough water in our system, a message gets sent to our brain to slow down metabolism.  This affects our energy, brain function, digestion, elimination…. EVERYTHING we do.  Our health is affected by how much water is in our...

24 Apr


Five Principles of life - Part 1 of 5

By lindamallard, Category: | Exercise & Fitness 0 comment

The Mission Statement of my business is:

To provide a space of physical development, renewal and knowledge.  To provide an exceptional experience in our community that promotes whole body health through the practice of Pilates, Fitness and Nutrition.  These practices are based on the 5 principles of life: breath, water, nutrition, movment and life balance.

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23 Apr


Forget "Perfect" - Just Make It Work!

By brucetretter, Category: | Western Cooking 0 comment

If you look closely at my left thumb in the picture below, you’ll notice some black at the top of my thumbprint at about my knuckle. I’m an avid cyclist and take care of my bike after every ride. That care includes quickly cleaning and lubing the chain. The black on my thumb is bike grease.


I’m also a relatively recently reformed perfectionist. It’s not that I am or was ever a neat freak.  But for years I preferred things more on the “just right, symmetrical” side of life than the “just leave it alone; it doesn’t matter” side. For example, if the kids left their dishes in the living room after they went to bed, I put them away even if I was bleary, bugged eyed tired just so I wouldn’t be greeted by those same dishes when I got up in the morning. But now - hey, just the other night I did this - I get the kids to put their own things away even if they don't do it right away - and I...

21 Apr


Making Eggs Easy

By brucetretter, Category: | Western Cooking 0 comment

"What's the first thing you'd teach someone new to the kitchen how to cook?", I asked on a few online sites last year.  "How to cook eggs," was by far the most popular answer.

Right away, my first priority was to make my first ebook and videos about the easiest and surest way to make eggs.  You can see the videos right here at this site by clicking this link, clicking "Breakfast" in the menu column on the left side of the page, and then clicking "Eggs".  I just noticed that the "scrambled eggs" video isn't yet posted, but it will be soon. 


You can also download the Gotta' Eat, Can't Cook: "Show Me How" Picture Book Cooking - Eggs, Bacon & Breakfast Sausage ebook by...

20 Apr


Quick Pan Fried Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs

By brucetretter, Category: | Western Cooking 2 comments

Did a weekly radio broadcast last night (Quick & Easy Cooking) talking about how to pan fry boneless & skinless chicken thighs on Conversations Live With Cyrus Webb.  I love using boneless and skinless chicken thighs because they're economical, low in fat, easy to cook and fully flavorful, especially considering that whatever you use to flavor them goes and stays directly on the meat.


For easy step-by-step picture book directions, just click the photo...

18 Apr


Welcome To Western Cooking In Plain English

By brucetretter, Category: | Western Cooking 0 comment

Hi, I'm Bruce Tretter.  If you've ever had trouble with traditional cookbooks, TV cooking shows or online cooking videos that don't give you step-by-step directions you can easily follow and understand, you are NOT alone.

Welcome to Western Cooking In Plain English!  What makes this site different from any other online cooking video site is that this site is no kidding YOUR SITE.  I want to make videos that provide only what YOU want, not what I think you'll want.  Yes, I've provided a menu and have already shot videos showing how to make quick & easy mainstream meals, but my intention is to interact with you and provide easy to follow instructions for Western foods you'd like to prepare.  And, even though this site is only two months old, I've already started responding to your...

18 Apr


Introduction To

By wisdeo, Category: | About Wisdeo | General 0 comment

Welcome to -- the place where you will find information and knowledge to help you with your daily life, work and play.



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