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20 May


Skate Dance
By pattyrose, Category: | Dance & Fitness

My passions for movement and dance often lead me to new and creative ways of keep myself doing just that, moving and dancing. Today, I got a beautiful new pair of dance skates, (that's the skates with four wheels) AKA, quads or traditionals.

I used to roller skate when I was a young girl, probably three or four days a week. Man, I just LOVED it! Bopping, rolling, gliding! Music, dance, action! Never a dull moment - all inclusive - mind, body, heart and soul involved.

Now, I'm back and ready to roll, (literally). My husband and I went downtown to pick them up and then, straight to the park. Armed with my wrist and elbow pads, I started to get my skate - legs back. Little by little, all my old moves started to magically show themselves to me (well, a few of them anyway - it'll take some time). Just as the saying goes, "it's like riding a bike". I was starting to get comfortable, remembering how to pick up speed, slow down, STOP  (must practice to stop) that is, stop without the use of a wall or a tree. I did pretty well.

This easy gliding my legs and swaying my upper body with the groove got my heart rate up, got my large muscle groups activated and even gave me a nice stretch at times. I plan to get out and hit the ground again tomorrow. As soon as I gain confidence, I'll be skating with my ipod and on the weekends I'll join the skate circle at Central Park in NYC.

What dance styles to you find really get you motivated? Can you just blast some tunes on your mp3 player and rock? Are you a dance skater? Drop in and and share some creative movement and dance ideas with me!


Dance, Move, Live!!

Patty Rose

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21 May 2010 12:25:39 PM

Another great day here, Bruce. Hope you get to enjoy a bike ride. Maybe it's not the Swing Dance, but in my book, moving is dancing!

20 May 2010 09:15:56 AM

Skating - great, Patty. Gorgeous day in the North East today. Itchin' to rip out on the bike. Don't think I'll be dancing, but I will be moving!

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